Permanent Glow Paints

Made in South Africa

Glow in the dark paint and UV paint / Neon paint

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Manufactured in South Africa


Also called:

UV Paints, Blacklight Paints, Fluorescent Paints, Neon Paints, Day-Glow Paints, Luminous Paints, Lumo Paints


Permanent Paints that glow under UV light (Fluorescent / Neon / Day-glow Paints):

(Interior applications)

UV Red

UV Orange

UV Pink

UV Yellow

UV Green

UV Blue

Permanent Paints that are invisible and glow under UV light:

(Interior applications)

UV White

Permanent Paints that glow in the dark (Luminescent Paints):

(Interior and Exterior applications)

GID Green

GID Aqua-Blue

Permanent Paints that glow under UV light and glow in the dark:

(Interior applications)


About the above paints:

Paints that glow under UV light can also be used as bright neon day-glow paints. White is unique as it is invisible in normal light.

Paints that glow in the dark get activated by light and then glow in the dark. These have a pale colour in normal light.

Yellow/Green glows vividly under UV light (yellow) and glows in the dark (green).



Standard Containers

100ml, 400ml, 1 litre, 5 litre, 20 litre (no minimum or maximum order size)


Retailer Specials

Retailers get wholesale prices on all container sizes. Only retailers with a verified physical shop will qualify for wholesale pricing.

Shrink wrap packs ideally packaged and labelled for off-the-shelf retail



We deliver worldwide

Within South Africa we offer Registered Mail, Courier to door and Post Office counter to counter.

Low cost courier to all Southern African countries

By arrangement you can collect from our office in Salt Rock (near Ballito), KZN


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