Metallic Permanent Paints


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Manufactured in South Africa by Bastion Paint:

Prompt delivery in South Africa and throughout Africa


Permanent Metallic Paints:

For Interior and Exterior applications

Bright Gold   Bright Gold   Bright Gold   Bright Gold

Bright Gold


Amber Gold   Amber Gold   Amber Gold   Amber Gold

Amber Gold


Rose Gold   Rose Gold   Rose Gold   Rose Gold

Rose Gold


Copper   Copper   Copper   Copper



Bronze   Bronze   Bronze   Bronze



Brass   Brass   Brass   Brass



Champagne   Champagne   Champagne   Champagne



Silver Effect   Silver Effect   Silver Effect   Bright Silver

Bright Silver


Deep Silver   Deep Silver   Deep Silver   Deep Silver

Deep Silver


Silver Sparkle   Silver Sparkle   Silver Sparkle

Silver Sparkle (paint over any colour)


Malachite   Malachite   Malachite   Malachite



Olive   Olive   Olive   Olive



Azure   Azure   Azure   Azure



Rufous   Rufous   Rufous   Rufous



Perfect for rooms, feature walls, exterior house highlights, kitchen cupboards, doors, pillars, roof domes, plant pots, garden furniture, hotel foyers, movie & theatre sets, arts and crafts and general décor.

Enjoy the ease and environmental and health benefits of using water based metallic paints.

Pure Acrylic, suitable for Interior and Exterior applications.

Semi-gloss Metallic finish. Stain resistant and easy to clean.

Water based technology suitable for application by brush & roller, airless spray and air spray equipment (please see Painting Tips for Metallic Paint below).

Hard, durable finish.


Prepare, prime and paint as for normal acrylic paint:

Suited to masonry (cement, cement plaster, etc.), wood, paper, board, fabric, correctly primed metals, lightly sanded PVC, vinyl and any surface that can be primed to receive a normal water based acrylic/PVA paint.


Available in:

100ml, 1 litre, 5 litre and 20 litre.

Silver Effect Paint must be painted over a medium grey colour to get a bright shining silver finish. Paint with a medium grey acrylic/PVA first.

Silver Sparkle Paint must be painted over metallic silver (Silver Effect or Deep Silver) to add a silver glitter-like sparkle.

All other colours can painted directly onto any colour.


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Bastion Paint manufactures all paints in South Africa.